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This is the prompts list for the first round of [community profile] ranger_bingo. Please ask all prompt related questions in this post.

The prompts were collected from [personal profile] dragovianknight, [personal profile] lilyleia78, [ profile] second_batgirl, [personal profile] tptigger, and myself. Thank you! ♥

1. after the end
2. bad cover story
3. base of operations invaded/destroyed
4. can't win battle without overcoming fear
5. childhood toy/family heirloom/prized possession/town treasure becomes the monster of the week

6. color withdrawl
7. cool new toys
8. date night interrupted by monster attack
9. dealing with everyday life
10. evil Rangers

11. evil goatee universe
12. explain an event you think is ridiculous
13. explosion
14. family conflict
15. feeling neglected by teammates

16. formerly evil ranger support group
17. hiding truth from family
18. ice cream party
19. injuries after a battle
20. kidnapped

21. kidnapped mentor
22. knocked unconscious
23. last Ranger standing
24. long-lost friend/relative/etc.
25. loss of zord

26. mentor advice
27. mind control
28. moment of doubt
29. never give up!
30. outsider POV

31. party at the youth center
32. pillow fight
33. Pink Ranger saves the day
34. Power transfer
35. post-battle routine

36. Rangers before MMPR
37. Ranger reunion
38. Red Ranger did not think that cunning plan all the way through
39. rescue mission
40. secret identities almost blown

41. teamups
42. took on villain alone and lost miserably
43. trade power source for hostages
44. training mishap
45. under a spell

46. undercover
47. villain internal conflict
48. villains in love
49. villains posing as Rangers
50. wait, the new guy in town is the new ranger?
51. what if? (canon event never changed)

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rivulet027: (Cam)
From: [personal profile] rivulet027
Yeah, it does. Thanks!


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