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I really should've called the comm Rainbow Not!Spandex Fake!Bingo. Rainbow Not!Spandex because Sentai totally works for this challenge, and Fake!Bingo because... I'd adapted the rules from all the other bingos and had it almost ready to go when I realized that I don't actually care about any of this points and prizes stuff, so we're not going to be doing that here.

I'm just going to pass out cards and we're all going to create shiny things, and it will be awesome.

If you'd like clarification about any of this or want to debate a point, or anything else relating to the rules, do it in the comments here.

This is how it works:

1. Sign ups: This round runs from August 1, 2010 until July 31, 2011. You can sign up for a card any time between now and July 31, 2011, including July 31, 2011 itself. When signing up, you can veto up to three prompts from the master list. You can also request one prompt that you want on your card.

2. Goal: The card you will receive is a 5X5 grid with each square being a prompt from the master list. The goal of this challenge is to make a bingo on your card. The following count as bingos:
a) a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal)
b) an X
c) a + shape
d) a blackout (every square filled)

3. Filling prompts: You fill a square by creating a piece of fanwork for the prompt within the square. You must create a different piece of fanwork for each square. Previously posted fanwork may not be used for the purposes of this challenge.

4. Minimum requirements: You may fill prompts with any type of fanwork you desire. In order to keep the amount of work as consistent as possible for everyone involved, there are minimum requirements for each type of fanwork. They are as follows:

art - medium sized
fic - 500 words
icons - 10 icons
meta - 1000 words
mix - 10 songs
picspam - 20 pics
podfic - 500 word fic
rec post - 10 recs
vids - 30 seconds

5. Focus: The focus of your story should be the prompt.

6. New cards: After you have completed one bingo on your card, you can continue to play with it or you can request a new one.

7. Reusing squares: You can reuse a square on your card as many times as you'd like; however, you must create new content each time.

8. Posting: Post to this comm once you've created a bingo. You can post your fanwork to the comm itself or to any other publicly accessible site (no locked posts, etc.).

9. Posting template: You can include more information if you want, like word counts, summaries, character/pairing info, etc. This is just the minimum.

content notes:

PLEASE TAG YOUR POSTS. There are tags for prompts, tags for the various incarnations of PR and Sentai, and tags for the type of fanwork you've created.

10. Content notes: There are two options here.

If you prefer not to use content notes: In the "content notes" section, say that you prefer not to use them.

If you prefer to use content notes: In the "content notes" section, say if your story contains any of the following:
a) rape/non-con
b) dubious consent
c) graphic depictions of violence
d) instances of self harm
e) character death
f) sex where one or more participants is under the age of eighteen

If your story contains none of the above, please do mention that in the content notes section instead of leaving it blank or something.

If you prefer to include content notes but worry about the content notes spoiling the story, this post explains how to visually obscure the text and shows you what it will look like.

11. What's allowed:
a) Any and all existing characters in the PR/Sentai universes.
b) Any original characters in the PR/Sentai universes.
c) Crossovers.
d) All genres, ratings, pairings, threesomes, etc.

12. What's not allowed:
a) Non-PR, non-Sentai centric works.
b) Non-English content, as English is the only language your moderator speaks. You are welcome to take the prompts and run your own challenge in any language, though.

13. THERE WILL BE NO SHIP WARS OR BASHING HERE. Just... please don't do this one.